“She is an angel here on Earth...”

What can I say !! Cindy is one of a kind. She has blessed my life beyond comprehension. She is definitely a gift from God. Growing up I always wanted a sister because I was raised with only a brother. Before I go any further my brother is awesome. Honestly the best brother anyone can have. But My brother couldn’t give me advice on boys and how to beautify myself or teach me how to walk confidently through my young adult life. Since day one of meeting Cindy she has poured into me. She always saw the potential in me. Even when I didn’t see it. Cindy has guide me through this journey called life. She has been by my side during the high and low points in my life. I don’t reference her as my sister in law. She’s my sister and my best friend. Cindy truly has my best interest at heart. I’ll even go as far as to say that she’s my angel here on earth. Cindy had impacted me and drew me closer to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. By teaching me his word, how to pray and by how she lives her life. Cindy always walks in love. She truly has a heart full of love and compassion to help people and see the best in them.

— A.L.

“Your words are anointed…”

Cindy, the name Glory Girls for Jesus is what your life is about. I know it took at lot of courage to join social media but God lead you to it and you obeyed. You are encouraging multitudes by sharing your struggles and how God has shown you favor. Glory Girls for Jesus has become the first posting I look for daily in Facebook. Your words are anointed and a true blessing to everyone who reads them. Please continue speaking life into so many people who need to hear from God. He is using you as His mouthpiece and you are His faithful servant. He gets all the glory and honor and praise.

By sharing the wonder of God, your prayer life has taken another level. You are teaching others how to go to the throne and intercede for the fallen.

I always take a snippet of your postings and share with my family, as they many not always go to social media in the morning. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for your life. Worship Him as this is why He created us. He loved us so much, He made us to His image.

— M.


By sharing the wonder of God, your prayer life has taken another level. You are teaching others how to go to the throne and intercede for the fallen.

— M.


Cindy to me is more than the founder of “Glory Girls for Jesus” to me she is like an extension of my family. I have been struggling I can say all my life with faith and religion. Being raised one religion and looking for the next to try to fulfill something I was missing. Then I moved  over 500 miles away from all my support system and I was suffering. Suffering from depression, anxiety and yes also keeping the faith. Cindy would call me with strong messages from God with conviction that could move mountains and  moved my spirit! There were times I would isolate myself and just plainly wanted to give up.  Cindy did not let me fall! She would encourage me, provided me with the strength to continue to seek God. Cindy would call me daily and her words were of God’s speaking through her. Also, Glory Girls for Jesus’ social media page and videos just reinforced the beautiful messages from God on a daily basis. Needless to say, because of Cindy I am now actively involved in Church and have decided that I want to be baptized. I gave my life to Jesus Christ because of Cindy. Cindy has a gift from God to reach people and transform there walk and faith with God! I can say that because I am an example of that.  God bless you Cindy!  

- Ana

Cindy, in the short time that we’ve gotten to know each other I can say that I truly admire your heart for God. You are so sweet, genuine, passionate, and POWERFUL! I’m so happy to see the quick work God is doing in your life. You deserve every blessing coming your way! -Nik

I cannot stress this enough! The Glory Girls Perfume smells amazing and it lasts all day. I AM IN LOVE with this perfume! - T.N.

God Bless You Prophetess Cindy. I just wanted to say that I'm so godly proud of you. Continue to advance the kingdom, you're doing a phenomenal job. There's so much that is in your spiritual womb that God is going to allow you to birth forth another book and women's ministry. Keep on plowing. Thank you for always supporting my ministry. I just wanted to reciprocate the blessing Woman of God. I love you keep plowing. -Prophetess D. Mclean


Cindy is a minister, entrepreneur, mother, wife, and friend. She is a hard worker and her diligence, character and love for women is exhibited in the her first perfume launch. This perfume not only smells amazing but its longevity will remind you of your glory throughout the day. If you are a Chanel lover (as I am) you will love this fragrance. It is slightly floral with a low vanilla note. It’s a beautiful but subtle and delicate fragrance. This fragrance is for the glory girl! A Glory Girl is a strong woman, women of prestige, value, and strength. This perfume is the key accessory for women. It is an anointed perfume. Perfume with a purpose and a message.

What can i say about this rare pearl? A woman who is fearless and unapologetic? A woman who has been through what most could not fathom, but she lived to tell the tale. A Proverbs 31 woman. A Chayil woman. A Glory woman. A woman of substance who allowed the word of God to turn her entire life around. She’s a wife and a mother, a friend, and a great supported. All you have to say is Cindy, I’m having this can you come? And she’s right there. I’ve known this woman of God for a little while, but I sens such oneness that I’ve known her spirit for years. She has an ancient soul and a powerful anonting. Talk about nations? She shall go. Talk about business? It shall flourish. Talk about traveling? Her feet shall run. She is setting a trail ablaze…who dare runs behing her? Cindy you always say I’ve given you your first prophecy that changed your life, and because of that honor, I ask the father to give you double honor. I will ask the father for double favor. I pray that your well will never run dry. Your tears to always move mountains, and your hands to heal the sick and broken. I call you The Firecracker..because once you start there is no stopping you. I love you my dear sister in Christ. We are forever connected and we shall do great Kingdom exploits. Go forth today, we love you, Prophetess Cindy Roopchand. #glorygirlsforjesus


When you’ve been raised to believe in the principles of truth and love, many people will find you naïve. Sometimes you even find yourself questioning your path and feeling foolish for living your convictions. I had the honor and privilege of meeting Cindy when I was helping her class for a week before becoming a first year teacher myself and WHAT an incredible blessing it was! From day one, Cindy seamlessly weaved faith, love, and reality together. Cindy’s presence is one of healing, peace, warmth and comfort. She poured faith, strength, and encouragement in me since the day I met her. With a pure and genuine heart, Cindy has helped me through many difficult transitions over the years. She’s helped me to experience God – that force which is ever present, benevolent, loving - that which lives in us all, is in charge of all things, and works all things together for optimal growth. Cindy has graciously and generously encouraged me over the years, patiently reminding me that God has a plan. In the most trying times of her own journey, I have SEEN Cindy walk the walk and live by faith and not by sight. She has lovingly prayed for me, others in crisis, and all with a giving heart. Her faith is so strong it can inspire any realist in the world. She can spark inspiration and hope in anyone’s heart regardless of the circumstance. Cindy does not deny realities of life, rather has taught me how to seek guidance from God, to remember that Gods plans are always better than my own, and that I need not fear because I am not alone on my own. Cindy is truly a beautiful person who I’m sure is a blessing in every interaction she’s had. She knows how to quiet her mind, get still, listen. She can help anyone change their life because her own demonstration of faith reveals that there is a far bigger picture we are all a part of and the key is to surrender each day.  -J.B