Hi! i’m cINDY

Hi! i’m cINDY


Cindy Roopchand is a woman of God, wife, mother, teacher, motivational speaker, Youtuber, entrepreneur, published author and the Founder of Glory Girls for Jesus. She is a mother of two boys. Cindy has a passion for helping others. She believes in sharing her journey to encourage others along the way. Cindy started a ministry called, Glory Girls for Jesus. The ministry is dedicated to empowering and equipping others to be all that God created them to be. She co-wrote the book Love Behind The Blue Line Stories of Love, Courage, Hope and Legacy and The E-book Glambitious Guide To Being A Mompreneur. Cindy also wrote her solo book The Keys To Overcoming, Unlocking The Overcomer in You. She started her own business called All Things Glory LLC. She is an elementary school teacher for over 14 years.  Cindy received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Albany and a Master’s in Education from the College of New Rochelle. Cindy was featured in Freed Magazine, Sheen Magazine, LWL Magazine, Bronze Magazine, Women in Business International, Awesome God Radio, BXNews12, Chosen Faces, Police Wives of America and more. She is dedicated to inspiring and impacting others. Cindy is determined to leave her mark on the world.

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